What is Stewardship?

Chris Fitzpatrick - Director of Church Communications
1 Peter 4:10


What Is Stewardship?

Pledge.  Tithe.  Donate.  Stewardship.  Loads of buzz words, but what do they all mean?

What I've learned through this journey is, first and foremost, that those 4 words aren't necessarily synonymous - especially the last word.  "Stewardship" has roots in the concept of tithing, or the idea that a particular amount of wealth be devoted to God and to God's church (under the premise that all wealth is God's anyway), but the concept has evolved over time.  To be a faithful steward is to utilize the gifts with which we have been blessed for the glory of God.  That isn't just a monetary commitment - it's a life commitment.  Writing a check to empower the church to continue doing God's work through the compensation of Clergy, maintenance of our places of worship, and administration of charitable work is a noble act, but just as important as finances may be, stewardship is MUCH deeper.

Many of you sing and offer your voice to God as a celebration of all that we are blessed with.  If you have not used that voice, perhaps now is a time to consider how that talent may be part of your commitment to Stewardship.

A lot of you bake (my midsection serves as proof of that) and yet there remain several opportunities for Hospitality Hour leadership and participants.  Maybe that is an opportunity for your Stewardship?

So many of you possess knowledge, wisdom, and a genuine love and appreciation for the youth of the church - our Christian Education department is always in need of teachers!

The list goes on and on, but this I know for sure - Stewardship comes in so many forms, and now is a wonderful time to consider that commitment as we look ahead to a critical 2019.  We will hire a new priest-in-charge, seek new and exciting ways to perform outreach, have babies baptized, watch young kids receive their first communion, and help young adults with their confirmation.  We will enjoy our first full year under the new leadership of Bishop Caryle Hughes.  We will seek to be a unifying and inclusive force for good and for God in an increasingly divided and siloed country.  We will continue to seek our place in the greater World - not just our world, but God's world.


Pledge cards were mailed out and we have asked our parish to prayerfully consider their financial commitment to Holy Trinity for 2019.  We realize this isn't always an easy process but asking you to consider Holy Trinity Church in your financial plans is one of the ways we continue to grow and advance our wonderful church family.  If you can, we would love to have pledge cards returned in time for the Parish Meeting on Sunday, December 9th.  If you have any questions, please know that your Vestry is here for you and your family, and that we are happy to provide any guidance we can.  

We hope to see you in our pews and events during this exiting and glorious Christmas season.  Thank you, and God Bless!

In God's Love,

Holy Trinity Episcopal Church